Making music & memories.

Why we love Harambee

There are so many reasons to love Harambee! Here are what some of our musicians have to say.

Camilla (cello)

Playing music by under-represented composers is really meaningful to me as a female cellist; I hadn’t had the opportunity to play this kind of music before. Being a member of HCO allows me to conduct, speak in public and develop other skills beyond simply playing an instrument.

Tim (violin)

I love that it doesn’t feel like the typical orchestra. Everyone is involved in the interpretation of the music, with the musicians learning not only from the conductor, but from each other as well. Plus we have been able to support causes, such as the Covenant House, that we care about deeply.

Felix (cello)

I don’t want to say anything Mom, stop asking.

Where are they now?

Our former members are off doing great things! Whether or not music is their primary focus, it continues to be an important part of who they are.

Kayla (viola)

You may remember Kayla from her riveting spoken word performance during our first season. Kayla is attending Wellesley College, where she’s studying something interesting and showing off chic new hairstyles at an astonishing rate.

Maisy (violin)

Multi-talented Maisy is attending Lawrence University in Wisconsin, where she’s pursuing her love of science, art, and music — and learning the true meaning of winter. Bundle up Maisy.

Olive (viola)

Olive is studying at the Music Conservatory at SUNY Purchase, where she is impressing her classmates with her chamber music prowess. She is minoring in nuclear fusion.